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An Adventurous Ride to Mustang with Theme Palace Team | A Lifetime Experience

A little adventure with a lot of fun is what Catch Wheels search for. However, this time, our ride was a full-on adventurous ride to Mustang, a must-go place for all adventure seekers.

It was time for the Annual Retreat of Theme Palace team and for that, we decided to hit the roads on our motorbikes all the way to Mustang. Mustang is nearly 771 km away from Kathmandu. As you might know, the weather in Mustang is ever-changing; it is almost impossible to predict what the weather will be like. Therefore, our gang was all prepared for whatever the weather had in store for us. We were a total of seven riders to hit the 5-day trip.

DAY ONE – Kathmandu to Tatopani

On 1st November 2017, with the plan to reach Tatopani that day, we kick-started our journey together at sharp 5.30 A.M. Since no one in our gang had ever visited Mustang in motorbike before, nobody really knew how much time it would take to reach there. We reached Pokhara at around 11 A.M. We took many tea-breaks during our ride to Pokhara because of the cold November breeze. We had a lot of off-road traveling to do, which, FYI, we had no idea about.

We reached Beni at around 6 in the evening and as it was getting dark, and with no street lights, we could barely see where we were heading. The only light we had were the headlights from our motorcycles. The roads were all off-roads, the visibility was extremely low, and the worst thing, we came across so many streams that we had no idea about. You can imagine the thrill; it was dark, and the roads were extreme off-roads with uncountable streams and rivers; which we had no idea on how deep it would be. Luckily, all of our riders were able to make it to Tatopani without a single injury.

DAY TWO – Tatopani to Jomsom

We left for Jomsom from Tatopani at around 9 in the morning. Yet again, the off-roads and streams continued. However, the good thing about this journey was that we could observe the beautiful scenery everywhere; literally everywhere! Mountains, Waterfalls, the surrounding, everything was just so mesmerizing and beautiful, except for the roads, obviously! But we all had extreme fun on our way to Jomsom. We stopped at every place possible, including Marpha, and Tukuche. Riding through the narrow alleys of Marpha, observing the view, waterfalls, and suspension bridges, we all got to Jomsom in the evening. We stayed at Hotel Mountain Breeze in Jomsom.

The next station for us was the sacred place of Mustang – the Muktinath Temple, which is around 25 km from Jomsom.

DAY THREE – Jomsom to Muktinath Temple

With our mindset to reach the holy Muktinath Temple, we left at around 7 A.M. Playing along with the nature and its beauty, still going off-roads but with intense view of mountains, we were hitting the road of Kagbeni, one of the most popular village and indeed one of the most beautiful places in the Upper Mustang of the Himalayas. We reached Kagbeni and shockingly, we saw fresh-tracks from Kagbeni to Muktinath. After all those ups and downs, through streams and rivers, across the suspension bridges, it was really unexpected to see the black-topped asphalt covered road there. All of us were very excited and were ready for some action. It was one of the best rides during the entire road trip. We, then, visited the sacred Muktinath temple and Dhumba Lake. One of the most exciting parts in Mustang was the wind. The wind was so strong that one could barely walk or ride.

DAY FOUR and FIVE – Mustang to Kathmandu

Leaving Mustang in such a short period of time was a little desolated for us. We wish we had more time to visit there. But still, all of us had a very great time there and we were leaving with so many unforgettable beautiful memories of Mustang. We rode back the same route enjoying the spectacular mountain views once again. While returning back from Mustang, we recaptured the surroundings, beauty of nature and possibly everything that nature had it there. We traveled directly from Jomsom to Pokhara without stopping for anything other than lunch and few tea-breaks. While coming back home, we went to Busy Bee in Pokhara and had a very refreshing time there too. We left for Kathmandu the next morning and reached here on November 5.

So, all in all, the ride to Mustang was one hell of a hair-raising experience for all of us. The trip was full of excitement, adventure, and just full of fun. The mountain views were jaw-dropping. Villages were highly influenced by Tibetan culture and lifestyle. You might be familiar with the fact that riders from around the globe come to hit the roads of Mustang. We could very easily see why there is so much fuss about this place. Sure, it is all off-roads and you’d probably face a lot of troubles, but hey! That’s adventure! And when you decide to go on an adventure, you must be well-prepared for every tiny thing.

If you’re planning to visit Mustang, from our experience, we suggest you schedule your visit sometime in February-June or September-December. And guys, do keep in mind that if you’re willing to go on a long road trip on your motorbike, clothing preparation is the first thing to prioritize. The climate and the ever-changing condition of Mustang might make the journey a little tough. So, make sure you’re well-prepared for the journey.

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Happy Riding!!

Route: Kathmandu – Pokhara – Tatopani – Marpha – Jomsom – Kagbeni – Muktinath

Riders on the journey with their respective motorbikes:

Sakin Shrestha | Bajaj Dominar 400

Sachet Gurung | Bajaj Pulsar RS 200

Sunil Karmacharya | Yamaha FZ 150

Raj Kumar Tamang | Honda CB Hornet 160R

Sudhama Thapa | Yamaha YZF R15

Amit Subba & Yam B. Chhetri | Bajaj Avenger 220

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