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Ride to Langtang with Theme Palace Team | Nagthali Gyang Trekking

Catch Wheels has been going out on many venturous trips till now. But, this time, we decided to try something more adventurous and head for trekking in Langtang Valley as it was time for the Annual Retreat of Theme Palace. We planned to ride from Kathmandu to Chilime and then go for trekking from Chilime to Nagthali Gyang. It was a 4 day trip and everyone was pretty excited for it.

We kicked-off our venture on 20th April at 5.30 A.M. with a target to reach Chilime that day. We were a total of seven riders in 4 motorbikes. We stopped for a short tea break in Tokha. It is a beautiful village near Kathmandu. The ride was pretty smooth as the roads were pitched and the environment was soothing as well. The light refreshment at Tokha made the initiation of our journey more enjoyable.

As we crossed Tokha, the sceneries were slowly coming in sight. The roads were great; no off-roads, the sceneries were breath-taking and most importantly, we were having a great time. Then, we stopped for lunch in New Kanchan Hotel at Kalikasthan.

After lunch, we carried on with our journey and just 15 minutes later, there they were—the off-roads. We finally reached Dhunche and had some snacks. To ride on such a rough road and that too with a pillion, it was one exhausting yet adventurous ride. Despite of the rough roads, the beautiful mountains and hypnotic sceneries of hills always kept us pumped-up. The heavy rain made our situation more dangerous. Riding through ups and downs, through streams and ditches, we finally made it to Syabru besi and stayed there for a while. Then, off we went to Chilime. That was when we came to know that our journey’s going to be more venturous; the roads to Chilime were completely off-roads, slippery, and was a very dangerous route for biking. We were very excited at the moment as we were there for some adventure. Finally, upon reaching Chilime, we stayed at Paradise Hotel & Lodge for the night.

The next day, we went for trekking from Chilime to Nagthali Gyang. It was a very thrilling and tiring trek, yet was one of the memorable parts of our trip. We stayed at Nagthali Gyang that night and returned back to Chilime the next morning.

After reaching our hotel at Chilime, we hoped on to our motorbikes and were on our way back to Dhunche. While returning to Kathmandu from Dhunche, we recaptured all the beautiful sceneries and had an awesome ride back home.

So, all in all, the ride till Chilime was one of the daring rides that we’ve done till now. It was somehow a bit similar to the one in Mustang. The off-roads, tiny streams and the sceneries, everything was just very interesting and filled our ride with excitement and adventure.

For all those who’re willing to go trekking, Langtang Valley is one of the best places to go trekking. There are actually two different routes from Chilime to Nagthali Gyang for trekking; the first one is the direct Chilime to Nagthali Gyang (9 km), which is quite steep, and another one is from Chilime to Tatopani and then Tatopani to Nagthali Gyang (12 km in total), which is just perfect for trekking. As we were in search for some adventure, we decided to go with the first route, i.e. Chilime to Nagthali, the extreme steep way. Yes, it was a short way, but, the routes were too dangerous, too steep, too tiring! So, we suggest you go for the second route. It will be a lot easier.

Below is the full Motovlog of our ride to Langtang from Kathmandu. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more from us and to be a part of our venturesome trips. You can find us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram as well. Happy Riding!!

Route: Kumaripati – Tokha – Shivapuri – Chhahara – Kalikasthan – Dhunche – Syabru besi – Chilime – Nagthali Gyang

Riders on this journey with their respective motorbikes:

Sakin Shrestha & Sunil Karmacharya | Bajaj Dominar 400 | GoPro 4 | GoPro 6 | Spark Drone | Canon 6D

Sachet Gurung & Gokarna Kathet | Bajaj Pulsar RS 200

Suddama Thapa | Yamaha YZF R15

Amit Subba & Sarvesh Shrivastav | Bajaj Avenger 220

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