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Ride to Markhu Lakeside | Kulekhani

It is always a great idea to move away from your regular schedule. Doing the same things over and over during the whole week makes everything monotonous. So, we decided to go on a short bike ride for the weekend. We were ready to roll our wheels till Markhu, a well-known scenic place near the valley.

Markhu is a small village at the top of Kulekhani reservoir. Kulekhani is a beautiful and panoramic landscape situated in Makwanpur district. Kulekhani is the largest man-made lake for Kulekhani Hydropower project. The Kulekhani Hydropower system is located in the Middle Mountain Zone of Makwanpur District. The main dam and the powerhouse are located at around 21 km and 30 km southwest of the capital Kathmandu, respectively. Kulekhani is famous for fishing, hiking, trekking, and boating, of course.

On 13th May, we all met at Jal Binayak, Kritipur. We were a total of six with three motorbikes. The weather was in our favor that day as it was not that sunny; it was a gloomy day—perfect for a short trip on our motorbikes. We all gathered and headed off towards Kulekhani. The roads were pretty smooth than we’d expected. We thought we would face a lot of off-roads, however, the roads were not that bad. With each turn we took to reach Markhu, the sceneries got better every time. Markhu is definitely a place to visit and sightseeing. So, getting along with nature and enjoying all the beautiful sceneries, we reached Kulekhani at around 10 in the morning. First we visited the Kulekhani Dam side and then went on with our journey to visit the Markhu Lakeside. Both of the places were very peaceful and we were impressed by the beautiful sceneries.

We also went boating in Markhu Lakeside, which made us feel like we were floating upon the shining diamond flame. The peaceful pond and boating here with nature will definitely make you fall in love with this place. We also took some drone shots while we were chilling at the lakeside.

It was a very short yet very refreshing trip for us. It was a beautiful experience. Our ride was filled with excitement, adventure, and lots of fun. The peaceful environment and the beautiful sceneries are just what makes Kulekhani and Markhu a great choices for a weekend getaways if you’re in the valley. We would definitely suggest you go for a ride to Markhu Lakeside to get a quick refreshment and we ensure you that the peaceful environment would not disappoint you.

We’ve captured all the beauty from behind the lens for our audience to enjoy. Here’s the Ride to Markhu Motovlog from our team. Enjoy watching!

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Route: Kusunti – Jal Binayak – Taudaha – Khahare – Pharping – Phakhel Rd – Kulekhani Dam Side – Markhu – Markhu Lakeside

Riders on this trip with their respective motorbikes:

Sakin Shrestha | Bajaj Dominar 400 | GoPro 6 | Spark Drone | Canon 6D

Pratik Lal Shrestha | TVS Apache RTR 200

Sujeet Maharjan | Pulsar NS 160 | GoPro 4

Video Compiled by Ashish Rai

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