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Ride to Sindhuli Gadhi – A Historical Fort & Tourist Attraction

Our Catch Wheels team had been wanting to ride on the roads of Sindhuli for quite some time now since the roads of Sindhuli is famous among the bike riders for its pleasant highway ride. So, for this episode of Motovlog, as a weekend getaway, we went to observe the beauty of Sindhuli Gadhi and its highway.

Sindhuli Gadhi is around 120 km from Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur. Sindhuli is one of the renowned tourist attraction in central Nepal that carries an important historical background. The place commemorates the victory of the Nepali troops over the East Indian Army in the year 1767. It was the first defeat for the British troops in South Asia.

On 26th May 2018, Saturday, our whole team decided to meet at Lokanthali and as planned, we met and headed towards Sindhuli Gadhi. There were total 8 bikes and 12 riders in the journey. All of us were very excited about the ride and were enjoying our ride along the highways of the valley. Since there were no off-roads, our ride was pretty smooth and relaxing.

Riding on the highways along a river bank was so soothing and with the scenic view by our side, we reached Sindhuli Gadhi. Sindhuli Gadhi Ghumera Herda—a popular song that incorporates the beauty of Sindhuli—sure does increase the excitement as one reaches Sindhuli. The Gadhi is surrounded with stone walls. There is an ancient well in the area too (which is dry at the time being); people believe the well was used for imprisoning the adversaries to death in ancient time. Though the place carries an important historical background, we could see it being changed and there is not much left to see in the area except for the devastated fort itself and some ancient tiny monoliths. The Sindhuli Gadhi fort tour is very rewarding for those with great interest in history. We had a short photo session at the fort and also took some amazing drone shots at the highway.

So, all in all, the Sindhuli Gadhi ride was awesome for us. The highway was pleasing and the view with each turn we took was breathtaking. Our ride was super fun! Looking at the green trees on the hills, the rolling terrace farming, serpentine road and a warm weather—all of these made our journey a memorable one. A group ride with friends filled with fun and excitement made the journey even more meaningful!

We strongly recommend all the riders in and across the nation to definitely roll their wheels in Sindhuli Gadhi. The mesmerizing fresh roads will surely make your journey to Sindhuli a one to remember.

Here is the full MotoVlog of our ride to Sindhuli Gadhi. If you enjoyed watching our Motovlog, consider subscribing to our YouTube channel to see more from us.

Happy Riding!!

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