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Our Ride to Sundarijal, a Mesmerizing Place for Weekend Getaway

The monsoon season is here in Kathmandu and riding in the rain can be quite adventurous and extra-satisfying. It sure is dangerous if you ride carelessly, but if you ride smooth and carefully, riding in the rain is definitely one of the best feelings. Riders with a passion to ride might know how appealing the roads look and how amazing the ride feels when it’s raining.

“The weekend is here” – It’s something that brightens ups our mood instantly. Our Catch Wheels team was very excited about our weekend ride to Sundarijal. It is around 17 km northeast of Kathmandu and a great place to go for a quick weekend getaway. Sundarijal is one of the coolest places in Kathmandu to have a wild thrill and trekking experience. The place is famous for young local travelers for day hiking, swimming, picnic, and bike riding. The Sundarijal dam is located in the middle of the national park which is surrounded by several waterfalls, a beautiful jungle, and green rice terraces. All of these are the center of attraction for locals and tourists. And all of these is what pulled us towards it and we decided to go to Sundarijal to enjoy the nature and its beauty.

As planned, on 11th August 2018, all of our Catch buddies met at around 6 A.M. to head towards Sundarijal. And since it was raining heavily, we stopped at a café in Battisputali and decided to wait for a while. We enjoyed our warm coffee with light breakfast and each other’s company while waiting for the rain to stop.

After a while, the rain stopped and we were on our way to Sundarijal. The road was pretty smooth until we reached the Bouddhanath area. The road there probably is the worst in the Kathmandu valley. There were a lot of tiny (and big) rain puddles and the road was extremely slippery. We continued on with the muddy and slippery road and after a few kilometers came a little fine road. As the rain had stopped, the roads were all cleaned up and a breath of fresh air passed with each turn we took for our destination. The fresh petrichor and the sound of our bikes hitting a little-dampened road sure were tempting and exciting for us.

So, through the fresh air and awesome road with a mesmerizing view, we reached Sundarijal. We parked our bikes and headed towards the Sundarijal dam. We came across a beautiful waterfall on our way up to the dam. We had a great time hiking and observing the beautiful view at Sundarijal.

We finally reached the Sundarijal dam and we had a little photo shoot there. We also took some amazing drone shots as well. The place was a combination of the breath of fresh air, the scenery full of water, greenery, religious site and the warmth of smiling faces of the villagers. We had an awesome time there and were mesmerized by the beauty of Sundarijal.

All in all, everything went quite well and we are very glad that we decided to visit the beautiful Sundarijal for the weekend getaway.

So, if you want to experience a smooth ride with a little adventure attached to it, or just have a day off and want to go for a short ride, we suggest you roll your wheels till Sundarijal. The place is calm, soothing and will definitely freshen up your mind with its freshness and natural beauty.

Until our next ride, cheers! Ride Safe!

Here is the full video of our ride to Sundarijal. Enjoy watching! And consider subscribing to our YouTube channel for more.


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