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Essential Motorcycle Safety Tips for All Riders

Motorcycles are fun as well as fuel efficient and motorcycle riding is as dangerous as it is thrilling, and you must take full responsibility for your safety and learn to anticipate any mistakes that another person on the road may make. There is no better way to enjoy the freedom of the open road than on two-wheeled journey. Regrettably, bikes are also one of the most dangerous and unsafe vehicles on the road today. While some motorcycle accidents are unavoidable, there are many things you can do to reduce the risk of injury to yourself, your passenger, and other road users. We’ll today learn some of the essential motorcycle safety tips that all riders should have a look at.

According to the National Motorcycle Institute, driving a motorbike is 27 times riskier than driving a car. Motorbikes are considerably smaller than other vehicles, which is precisely why it is essential that everybody on the road take a few precautions to share the road safely.

If you want to experience the thrill and are ready to feel the wind in your hair on the back of your bike, it is important you make safety your first priority. Now, let’s check out these essential motorcycle safety tips to reduce the risks that come with the open road.

Essential Motorcycle Safety Tips for All Riders

Take a Motorcycle Safety Course First

Having a quick look at the motorcycle safety courses is a very good idea before heading out for a ride. Riding course can increase your skills as a motorcyclist and prepare you better to make emergency maneuvers when necessary.

The course will educate you about the traffic laws that apply to bikes in your state, how you should react to emergency situations on a bike and will give you the opportunity to try out your new experiences in a more controlled environment. So take a motorcycle safety course first and develop riding techniques to sharpen your street-riding strategies.

Always Wear your Helmet before Riding

Wearing a helmet significantly reduces your risk of serious head injury and death in the event of an accident. In some states, wearing a helmet is mandatory for some or all riders. You should always wear a helmet every time you ride a motorcycle. Not only the rider but also the pillion should wear one. As we know helmets are one of the key elements that reduce the risk of getting head injuries while buying a new helmet, always make sure it meets the safety standards.

Your helmet should have a thick polystyrene-foam inner liner, weigh about three pounds and have a sturdy chin strap to hold the helmet on your head. Also, it should have a face shield to protect your eyes, and avoid the pollution. We recommend you replace your helmet once every five years.

A Quick Check on your Bike and its Documents

Before you go on a ride, be it a short or a long one, always have a quick check on your bike and your documents. The overall bike checking chore includes checking that your bike’s tires are properly inflated, and everything works properly, including the indicator, brakes, and lights. If you spot signs of fluid or oil leak beneath the bike or other signs of damage or overuse, don’t risk riding it.

Another thing you need to check on is the bike documents. Make sure you carry your motorcycle documents and your motorcycle license before heading out for a ride.

Wear the Right Riding Gear

Make sure you wear protective gear and clothing that will minimize the number of injuries in case of an accident or a skid. Protective gear items include leather clothing, boots with nonskid soles and gloves. These gears can protect your body from injuries.

Also, you can attach reflective tapes to your clothing to make yourself visible on the road.

Ride According to your Skills and Ability

While some roads may look easy, riders require a lot of practice before they can take on the challenging hairpin turns safely. So, do not try to imitate others and ride according to your skills and ability. Even if you’re a little slower than your fellow riders, or a little juvenile than them, don’t try to ride the way they’re riding. Go on your pace and enjoy your ride.

Know your strengths and abilities, and makes sure that neither your preferred route nor your motorbike and its speed is more than you can handle. The more you ride within your comfort zone, the easier and safer it will be for you to focus on the road.

Maintain a Good Speed

Speed limits exist for a reason, and all roads and routes have different speed limits. You need to remain within that speed limit to dodge the dangers on the road. If the road is empty and wide without any traffic congestion, of course, it is okay to ride at top speed as per the limit set for that road. However, if there are other vehicles on the road, use basic sense and ride within the speed limit.

Speed limits are set with the goal of keeping drivers and pedestrians safe, so follow them and maintain a good speed.

Follow all the Traffic Rules

One of the obvious ones on our today’s list of essential safety tips for all riders is the traffic rules. Following the traffic rules is a must for all the riders on the road.

We constantly hear news about different accidents on different roads nearly on a daily basis. Most of the accidents that occur on roads are the result of reckless driving and disregard of traffic rules. Of course, we live in an era where all of us are in a hurry and one simply cannot afford to waste time. But, being hasty can bring a lot more trouble and can basically cause more delay. It can also lead to dangerous road accidents. Ignoring the traffic rules puts you at a risk of being involved in an accident. That’s why always ride according to the traffic laws and never ever disregard them.

Avoid Bad Weather (or At least Be Prepared)

Always monitor the weather before rolling your wheels on the road. It is very important that you check the weather forecast before a ride, especially while going on a long one. If you’re a fairly inexperienced rider or just not comfortable riding in a bad weather, you need to avoid riding your motorcycle when it’s raining, too hot or excessively cold. If rain seems likely or extreme temperatures are predicted, consider using a different form of transportation or postponing your trip.

And if you have to venture outside in a bad weather, make sure you’re all prepared. Take short breaks to avoid fatigue, slow down if the visibility is poor, and wear appropriate clothing. These are a few safety tips you can use if you have to ride on a bad weather day.

Edify your Pillion

Riding with a passenger can be very much fun on a motorcycle. However, before you tell your friend to hop on the back of your bike, it is better to educate your pillion partner on how to be a good passenger.

Not only the rider but the passenger sitting behind the rider must also be aware of certain safety rules. Educate your pillion about how he/she needs to behave while on road. All they need to do is sit tight and not try any stunts or distract the rider. These can be very dangerous for both of you and cause accidents too.

Ride in a Good Mood

When going on a ride, it is very important that you’re in a good mood. Make sure you had enough sleep and you feel fresh; free of any stress and just happy about going on the ride. Always plan your motorcycle ride only when you are in a positive state of mind and are feeling physically good.

Also, do not drink and ride; you can cause harm to yourself and others. Likewise, fatigue and drowsiness can impair your ability to react, so make sure that you’re well rested when you hit the road.

Final Thoughts

Motorcycles are definitely hazardous and unsafe, but with the above-mentioned motorcycle safety tips, roads accidents are less likely to happen. There are many riders with years and years of riding experience who have not come across motorbike accidents at all; all because of their discipline and ethics. Following these motorcycle safety tips can reduce the risk of getting into accidents. Motorcycle rides are beautiful and a fun activity, so go on, apply these safety rules and enjoy your ride.

Ride Safe, Ride Happy!

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  1. Wearing the Quality helmet is the most thing as it, not only saves you from the wind but also saves your head in event of any crash. Secondly, the important thing is to wear a nice protective jacket with some padding and cushioning that will saves your skin from burning and rashing.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Veronica. 😊 Quality helmet and protective jacket sure are the major safeties.

  2. Thanks for all advice i really learn a lot about safety tips on motorcycle safety. Be blessed to all of you.

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